Restaurants in Occitanie

The new Michelin guide is out this week. No change in Carcassonne with our 3 Michelin star restaurants.

A few new ones in the region so you you want to treat yourself, here is the complete 2019 list.

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Bon appetit

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St Vincent

A yearly tradition. Yesterday was St Vincent day. St Vincent is the patron saint for wine growers and is celebrated all around France. In Carcassonne, the club Prosper Montagné organises with brio the event.



Alphonse is the president of the Prosper Montagné club and a very good friend.


It starts by a march through town



with the odd stop here and there for a few songs and music. In fact the 1st stop is to commemorate Prosper Montagné in front of the house he was born in.





It is a joyful affair. The weather was a fine mild winter day.

Screen Shot 2019-01-21 at 17.54.12.png

Of course many of the local wine growers come along



for the benediction of their wines in the St Vimcent church.


After the service, followed by yet another short “degustation”. We all move on to the main event which the lunch in les Halles.



More pictures are available if you follow this link.

Xmas market

The official opening in Carcassonne is tomorrow December 6th and therefore on St Nicolas day. It will last till January 6th which is Epiphany day.

Also on January 6th 2019 there will be a partial solar eclipse. I bet you did not know that.

Anyway, back to Carcassonne. Everything appears to be in place and ready for the big opening tomorrow which I shall miss by the way as I shall be in Germany. At least I should experience appropriate temperatures there and not the current day time 20c we are experiencing currently in the south of France.




Merry Christmas everyone

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Wine supplies

Early start this morning to go to the Domaine de la Roque in Trèbes. The 42 hectares domain is situated along the river Aude and it is not difficult to imagine what actually happened during the floods last month.

My friend Jean who is the owner of the domaine has been needing some serious help to clear his cellars and house which were full of mud. This was priority number 1 last month. Many people helped including associations, firemen and friends.

The vines needed special attention too. Already 2 weeks ago a big team was there to start clearing up and straighten the vines which had been completed flooded and flattened by the ensuing wave from the river.

Today was the second day of action. More rubbish had to be cleared, more straightening up needed to be done. The irrigation system had to be checked and in some cases put back in place.

Around 100 people turned up early this morning. Some came by special coaches from the Herault region. Most of them wine growers who knew what to do. And then there was us: my friend Errol and myself. We quickly picked up what needed doing and spent a few hours going up and down the vines doing what was needed.

I took a few pics which do not do justice to the efforts needed but are a good memory of the day.


These vines should be straight…



My friend Errol clearing up the Merlot patch.


Errol again in the distance.


In the meantime, things were being set up for lunch with the wine of the house of course.



This is a neat machine which was used to straighten the posts and push them down in the ground.


Lunch time arrived and more than 100 people enjoyed a lovely lunch and BBQ. We are in December after all .



Most important, I think next year’s grape harvest is safe


Villages de France


We are still in the process of discovering as much as possible from France. An excellent way is to go and visit the villages which have been labelled “Most Beautiful Villages of France” . It is of course available on the internet

There is however nothing like going through the pages of a guide book.

We have been given as a present such a book and we decided yesterday to go and visit the village of Castelnou.

What a great place. Located at the foot of the Pyrenees. The castle of Castelnou aroud which the village expanded was already mentioned in the 10th century.

Not only the village is beautiful but the surroundings are amazing and wild. At the beginning of November the temperature was a solid 20c on a sunny day and we could see the first snow on the top of the mountains. Apparently Castelnou was a couple of years ago the 7th most like village in France.